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A History Half a Century Long

It was 1952 when Jovo and Elvira Rizzo laid the foundations for the construction of “La Corallina”. The initial idea was that of an inn, a refreshment point for local fishermen, foreigners in transit and for those very few tourists who stopped there for their holidays. It was not long after, when Jovo and Elvira thought it would be a good idea to create more rooms, transforming the small inn into a hotel. Thus, the seed of the first idea of tourism was planted for these uncontaminated and rare beauty places.


The Beginnings


The Evolution

The visionary foresight of the Rizzo couple could not, however, remain inactive; so the idea, outrageous and reckless for those times, of building a much larger hotel than “La Corallina” took shape in a difficult and inaccessible place. Thus, in June 1969, the “Hotel L’ Approdo was inaugurated.

A renewal project that, from father to son, goes through two important stages. The first, in 1988 when Nicola Rizzo, the sole heir, took over the management of the entire facility.


A New Vision

The second, in 2013 by the third generation of the family, Nicole and Lara Rizzo, with the birth of the “Thalasso SPA”, an ambitious project that confirms the ability to combine hospitality and tourism, facing an elite and demanding market.

Tradition combines with innovation giving life to “Approdo Resort Thalasso SPA”, 2500 square meters dedicated to wellness, where sea water, algae, salt, mud and the microclimate of the marine reserve of Punta Licosa, in addition to the skills of our Thalasso Trainers lead the way to a unique stay.

Approdo Resort Thalasso SPA is all of this.


50 years of Approdo

In July 2019, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the birth of the “Hotel l’Approdo Hotel”, the Rizzo family hosted a gala evening, retracing through memories and emotions a 50 years long history, together with the “historical” guests, the friends of all time and all those who have worked side by side with the Rizzo family achieving what it’s today known as the “Approdo Resort Thalasso SPA”.

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