thalasso spa

Immerse yourself in seawater letting it envelop and embrace your body.
The salt pampers and purifies your skin, the algae nourish it leaving you with a pleasant 
sensation of wellness.  
This is a sign that your body is reinvigorated, skin refreshed and your mind relaxed.   
The Approdo Thalasso SPA  wellness course is a unique experience of relaxation and fusion with the sea and its riches. Defined the most innovative SPA in Southern Italy, located in S.Marco di Castellabate in the heart of Cilento, it covers an area of 2500 square meters distributed in several different wellness areas including Steam/Heat, Sea Aerosol, Sea Pool Inside & Suspended Sea Pool and the Relax Area.  



Thalassotherapy Is an ancient and effective method of relaxation and treatment that uses the combined action of all the resources of the marine environment. In addition to seawater, it exploits the beneficial and synergistic action of climate, algae, sand and sea mud. Seawater contains a variety of mineral salts and trace elements of fundamental importance for the human organism and has numerous characteristics, including a vitalizing, cleansing and antibacterial action. The benefits of seawater have been known since ancient times (Egyptians, Greeks, Romans) and in modern days are enhanced by the most advanced hydrothermal techniques, available to our guests. A properly prepared bath, at predetermined temperatures, allows the osmotic exchange between the marine environment and the human body, and the precious marine elements reach the dermis and are absorbed into the blood vessels.